BustyBimboBarbie Flashing Her Boobs

Busty Bimbo Showing Off Her Fake Tits

Just like girls that adopt the term “slut” and wear it proudly, BustyBimboBarbie has adopted the ‘bimbo’ role and is rocking it for all it is worth!

bustybimbobarbie flashing her boobs in the store

In her own words:

“I am a hot, always horny, very busty bimbo who is a total girlie girl! I love all things girlie and pink and sparkly! I love my big pierced bolt on tits and I love big handsome hard bodied cock to chase after my big fake tits and hot little body. I’m a Daddy’s girl and definite submissive bimbo.”

Personally I think that is pretty awesome.

bimbo flashing her tits in public

Honestly I have a lot of respect for any girl that works out to look hot, then isn’t prudish about showing it off.  I mean what is the point of getting in awesome shape then never letting anyone see it?

Take a second and check out BustyBimboBarbie’s blog over on Tumblr.  You will be glad you did.

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