Celeste Woodrow Flashing In Public Again

Celeste Loves Showing Off Her Body In Public

In case you haven’t run across her, Cleste Woodrow is a sexy gal that loves having pictures taken of her flashing in public.  Stores, restaurants, you name it, she is likely to whip her tattooed boobs out and put on a show.  She and her photographer are nice enough to share some of their adventures with us, which is super awesome of them!

Celeste Woodrow flashing her pussy in Walmart
Flashing her pussy in Walmart
Celeste Woodrow flashing her boobs in public
Sneaking down the back aisles of Walmart to flash her boobs
Celeste Woodrow boob flash in the hardware store
Celesete flashing her boobies in the hardware store on the way home.
Celeste Woodrow Starbucks boob flash.
Finally on the way home, stopping for some Starbucks and one more boob flash

Thanks again Celeste for flashing in public and sharing the photos with us!  I highly encourage you all to check out Celeste’s page on Tumblr.  There is plenty more to see of her!

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