Sexy Girlfriend Shopping Nude

Would Your Girlfriend Go Shopping Nude?

No, seriously…  Would your girlfriend be gutsy enough to go do her shopping nude?  Biggest question is where does she keep her wallet, but I’m betting someone would be happy to pay for her groceries after she wandered naked through the store for a while.  I’m guessing girls going shopping nude happens more in Europe where they aren’t as psychotic about the evils of seeing naked bodies.  But it would be fun to see some American girls doing some shopping nude at the local convenience store.

If your girlfriend is game, get some pictures or video of her shopping nude and send them in for us to post!  We would love to show her off for you.  She doesn’t even have to get completely naked in a store, we would love to see her flashing her tits or ass even.  If it is naughty and a bit risky and involves public nudity, it sounds good to us!

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