Hotwife that loves to get naked in public

I see a lot of naked women, most of which like to do some flashing here and there for fun. But then there are days when I run into women like this one that LOVE to get naked in public and do it as much as they can.

May is a true HotWife that is in her 40s, bisexual, and into swinging and BDSM. Essentially she is the perfect storm of sexy fun. After talking to her a bit, she shared the following shot of her out and about, having fun and flashing in public.

I highly suggest that you drop by her OnlyFans and check things out, but if you need more convincing you cal always follow her on Twitter at @EMPmodeling.

Naked in the Adult Bookstore

Sexy hot wife completely naked in the adult toy store
Sexy hot wife completely naked in the adult toy store

Girls that will go to adult bookstores or adult toy stores are cool to start with. If they will get naked in the middle of them, they reach a whole new level of awesomeness.

No Panties Playing Pool Flashing Everyone

Is it cheating to use your cleavage as a distraction while playing pool? How about when a girl bends over and her short, short skirt reveals that she isn’t wearing any panties? I love how the guy in the one shot is trying not to be obvious about looking at her exposed pussy when he totally is watching the free show.

Hotwife May With Her Boobs Out

Not one to just tease, you can find May with her boobs out in almost any location. Boobs out at the bar? Sure thing! Sharing some titties at the marina? Of course. A sneaky one boob out shot in the restaurant? Well duh! Lets just say that a night out with a girl that loves to show off her boobs is always an adventure.

Swinging hotwife May showing off her pussy in a restaurant
Swinging hotwife May showing off her pussy in a restaurant

Bisexual Hotwife Picking Up Women

Now I can’t be entirely sure here, but seeing as I know May is a bisexual swinger, I can only guess that she is making some new girlfriends to have some fun with. At least that is entirely what I’m hoping is happening here.

That is all I have for now. Be sure to follow May on Twitter and if you love sexy hotwives getting wild, go become a fan on her OnlyFans page!

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