Katrina Jade #WalmartChallenge

Katrina Jade Sets The Bar High For The #WalmartChallenge

Recently a series of photos featuring sexy porn babe Katrina Jade have started making the rounds, even getting posted on The People of Walmart.  But of course their pics were edited, so I thought I would get you the uncensored Katrina Jade #Walmart Challenge pics and post them for you.

Katrina Jade nude in walmart holding her nipples #walmartchallenge
Katrina Jade prancing through Walmart nude, playing with her nipples #walmartchallenge


Katrina Jade completely naked in walmart #walmartchallenge
Katrina Jade #walmartchallenge Nude and exposed in Walmart


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Katrina Jade's naked ass in walmart #walmartchallenge
Katrina Jade showing off her cute ass in Walmart.
Oh look! There are her clothes! #walmartchallenge


Katrina Jade showing her ass and thong in Walmart
An earlier pic of Katrina Jade in Walmart, this time just showing off her ass in her thong underwear.

I do believe that Katrina Jade has thrown down the flashing in stores, #WalmartChallenge gauntlet in a HUGE way.  Is your girl up to the task?  Show her the pictures and see if she will take up the challenge.

Of course you need to get pictures or it didn’t happen and you know we want to post them for you.  So get busy, send us your #WalmartChallenge pics!

I also encourage you to throw money at Katrina Jade (paper money only please) for kicking off this challenge in such a huge way!  Want really racy posts from Katrina?  Check out her page on Tumblr!

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