Secretary Flashing Her Pussy At Office Store

Flashing Her Trimmed Pussy

secretary office store flashing her pussy

It was a slow day at the office so Glenna told her boss that they needed to do a run to the office supply store to pick up few things.

On the way there she grew more excited and nervous because she had planned this trip out days in advance and had trimmed her pussy up neat and had not worn any panties just for this occasion.

Arriving at the store, she and her boss started making their way through the aisles. Glenna disappeared briefly to use the bathroom, and her boss didn’t seem to notice at first that when she arrived, the bottom buttons of her dress had been undone, not quite flashing her pussy provided she stayed still.

But as they walked through the store she caught his eye travelling to the thighs as she walked because now her dress would open proactively high in the front with each step.

Finally feeling bold, she stopped and turned to him and without saying a word gave him a head nod to imply “do you want to see more?”  His smile was all she needed to see, slowly she parted her dress to reveal her now very wet pussy.  The thought of flashing her pussy at him had been driving her wild for days now.

Needless to say the ride home took a little longer than expected and the boss wound up giving Glenna the day off and office supply runs have become a regular thing.

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